Dave Correia – Illustrations

Dave Correia







Now on view at the Fifty24PDX Gallery in Portland is the debut solo show of artist Dave Correia, “Friends in the Dark.” Correia’s work has been on our radar for years and his work has been growing in leaps and bounds with each passing season, so it’s no surprise to see the new series looking like the best he’s done yet. From monsters to augmented classical portraiture, “Friends in the Dark” brings to light the artist’s talents as he pushes new boundaries in medium, color and composition. Via HiFructose.

Faring Purth








In contrast to the femme fatales and model-esque classical beauties found in many paintings, Faring Purth’s female characters appear decaying and decrepit at a first glance. Splotches of color coalesce to form figures caught in the cycle of life somewhere between death and rebirth. The protagonists of the paintings appear to be in a state of transformation; they reference the generative powers of femininity rather than painting the woman as a beauty icon. Via HiFructose.

Laura Harris – Gear Mosaics

Laura Harris of Melonhead Gallery







In 1985, artist Laura Harris of Melonhead Gallery was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which forced her to quit her job as a teacher. That same year, she took up the fine art of creating mosaics, focusing on her craft full-time. Since then, the skilled mosaic artist has created some amazing works of art that not only allow Harris to push through her physically restricting disease, but also to hone in on her creative abilities.

The artist’s mixed media portraits exhibit an intriguing array of materials that range from standard mosaic components like glass, porcelain, ceramic and stone to the eye-catching and inventive elements typically found in bikes and clocks. Incorporating bicycle gears, watch parts (including both cogs and faces), and old–fashioned keys straight out of fairy tales into her portrait pieces, Harris adds layers of enchantment and technology to her magically-driven mosaics.

There’s a surreal quality to Harris’ work that allows the viewer to be swept away into a fantasy. Each of her characters seem to be making their own journey, eyes shut, into an alternate universe where dreams come true. There are recurring themes of dreaming and making a wish present throughout her body of work. The artist seems to be displaying her own inner desires apparent with her fragmented works, saying, “Mosaics allow me to fuse the pieces together to create something cohesive and beautiful, what I wish the world could be.” Via My Modern Met.

Leland Bobbé – Half Drag

Leland Bobbé




Dusan Beno – Insect Eye Photography

Dusan Beno









Polveredigrafite – Pop Culture Clown Illustrations






Everynone – Ball

Ball is the latest video from filmmaking team Everynone whose previous films have been widely shared online including Summetry, Words, Re:words and many more. In this new clip directed by Daniel Mercadante, hundreds of ball and ball-shaped images taken from Google image search are placed in a rapid sequence creating a sort of visual poem.