I’m on Etsy! Custom Drawings!

I am now selling my artwork and custom original drawings on Etsy! Please check out my shop!


drawingsp ear harper ink_deer ink_flamingo momandgrand sp01 turtle_charcoal


Workout Alerts

Attention Android users! My brother and I have created an app to help get you up and moving. He created the functionality of the app and I made the animations. Great for people always sitting at a desk or anyone looking to be more active as it sends you alerts and reminders to do simple workouts to help with your progress! Check it out while its free!




SVA Thesis

I am currently working on my thesis for my MFA for the School of Visual Arts. Please follow along and I would love feedback on my 3D animation short and research paper!





Alexis Kadonsky | Demo Reel 2013

My new reel, feedback appreciated! (watch in HD)

More at http://www.alexiskadonsky.com

I take credit for this reel in its entirety. Thank you for viewing!

INTRO | Maya nCloth, Mental Ray, After Effects
WALKING HOUSE | Maya nCloth, MEL Script, SDK, Mental Ray, After Effects
BRIDGE SUSPENSION SYSTEM | Maya nCloth, Mental Ray, After Effects
SPRING SUSPENSION SYSTEM | Maya nCloth, MEL Script, Mental Ray, After Effects
SDK MACHINE | MEL Script, SDK, Mental Ray, After Effects
WOLF THE FROG | Maya Rigging, SDK, Mental Ray
THE CAVE | Maya nCloth, Maya Fire Effects, Mental Ray, After Effects
EYE CRANE | Mental Ray, After Effects
FAT SEAHORSE | Maya SSS, Mental Ray, After Effects
MARIONETTE | Rub & Buff, Mixed Media, 24″ x 18.5″ x 1″
EAR | Charcoal, 24″ x 18″
LIFE STUDY | Oil, Dry Erase Board, 24″ x 16″

Alexis Kadonsky – Furry Monster Digital Painting



My character concept for my first 3D fur usage in Maya.

Digital Painting

Check out more at www.alexiskadonsky.com

and at my Facebook page, I would love some feedback!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been in the process of settling into my new home in New York City! But I am back to artting, sorry to have been away for so long!


Alexis Kadonsky – Photography on Society6

Alexis Kadonsky on Facebook

Staircase to Prague on Society6


Lighthouse in  Byron Bay, Australia


Clownish on Society6


Letterpress #1 on Society6


Walkway to Byron Bay, Australia on Society6


Train to Prague on Society6


Staircase to Slovenia on Society6


Lighting Santorini, Greece on Society6


Gates to Prague Castle on Society6


Lighting Slovenia on Society6


Chains #1 on Society6


Australian Boat Texture on Society6


Australian Starfish on Society6


Hidden within Santorini, Greece on Society6


Lake Bled, Slovenia on Society6


Thanks for your support and feedback!

Alexis Kadonsky – Marionette and Mother and Daughter

More work I have posted on Society6!

Alexis Kadonsky on Facebook



Rub and Buff and mixed media

24″ x 18.5″

Marionette on Society6


Mother and Daughter (my mother and my grandmother)


14″ x 17″

Mother and Daughter on Society6


Thanks for all your support! Feedback appreciated.

Alexis Kadonsky – Wax Art

Alexis Kadonsky on Facebook

Wax #1 on Society6


Wax #2 on Society6


Wax #3 on Society6


Wax #4 on Society6


Wax #5 on Society6


Wax #6 on Society6


Thanks for all of your support!

Alexis Kadonsky – Drips and Elipse Still Life

Alexis Kadonsky on Facebook


Oil on dry erase board

24″ x 16″

Alexis Kadonsky’s “Drips” on Society6



Ellipse Still Life

Color pencil

12.5″ x 19″

Alexis Kadonsky’s “Ellipse Still Life” on Society6




Would love more support for my art! Feedback is always greatly welcome too! Here’s more work on my Facebook page.



Alexis Kadonsky – Inking Turtle

Another inking in my sketchbook, also available on Society6!

Alexis Kadonsky on Facebook





Alexis Kadonsky – Inking Animals

Inking up my sketchbook! If you like my art please support me on Facebook and leave me some feedback! Thanks!

Inking Deer on Society6

Inking Elephant on Society6

Inking Fox and Bird on Society6

Alexis Kadonsky – 6,000 Something

A piece I created completely out of push pins… Over 6,000 of them!

To see more of my work, please “Like” my Facebook page and leave me some feedback! Thanks everyone!


6,000 Something

Push Pins and Spray Paint

24″ x 24″


Support my art! Thanks!

Alexis Kadonsky – Dragons

Please support my art! Feedback very appreciated!



Charcoal and Color Pencil

[Hands are raised above dragon]

10.5″ x 18.5″


Also check out my Society6 page!

Alexis Kadonsky – Barcelona Texture #1

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Alexis Kadonsky on Society6




Would love feedback and support on my Facebook page too!

Alexis Kadonsky – Reach

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26″ x 24″


Please Support My Artwork! Feedback appreciated!

Alexis Kadonsky – “Quiet”

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18″ x 24″



Alexis Kadonsky – Fingers #2 on Society6

Would love some input on my work, thanks!






Alexis Kadonsky – “Wrinkle” Prints on Society6

My linoleum print is now available on sale and for FEEDBACK on Society6! Would love some input thanks!





Joining Society6!

I have finally started posting some work on Society6! Please leave me comments and let me know what you think!






Alexis Kadonsky – Little Brother

Drew this of my little brother who just turned 20 (even though he still acts like he’s this old ahah)!


Charcoal; 7″ x 10″


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Alexis Kadonsky – Family History Book, From Bohemia to America

My recently bound family history book, “Kadonsky Family: From Bohemia to America”

-A look back on how the Kadonsky family came from Bohemia to America including details on every family member from the 1700s until today.

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