Tree Change Dolls


Baxter – Student Film

Dji. Death Sails – Animation Short


By Simpals Animation Studio located in Moldova.

Photoluminescent Resin Tables – Mike Warren

Leucotopia – Student Film

The Incredible Marrec – Student Film

My Big Brother – Student Film

FILM FX_L3.0 – Student Film

ROYGBIV: A Pixar Supercut

Tired – Megan McShane

The Prize Inside – Student Film


By Reece Porter as part of his studies at Ringling College of Art and Design

Jinxy Jenkins Lucky Lou – Student Film


A film by Mike Bidinger and Michelle Kwon from Ringling College of Art and Design

A New Hue – Student Film


By: George Rigby, Jennifer Hardy and Stephen Tucker Computer Animation Arts student at Bournemouth University, NCCA

Complex UV Unwrapping – XrayUnwrap 1.5.6

Mirror City – Michael Shainblum

Free 3D Tools – Animation Crush

Animation Crush

Polygons, Pixels, & Paint 3D Help Site

Polygons Pixels and Paint Site

Illustrator’s 3D Tool

Geometry Caching Basics




Caminandes – Short Film by Blender Foundations



PIOK – Short Film




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After I Saw This, I Put Down My Phone And Didn’t Pick It Up For The Rest Of The Day

Glennz Illustration Process

Disney Creates Electricity Without Batteries