Edwin Deen – Rainbow Sprinkler

Edwin Deen





Have a blank white room in need of an instant color treatment? Consider this glorious rainbow sprinkler by Netherlands-based artist Edwin Deen. Using some color pigment, an electric tap, a few meters of hose and a plain garden sprinkler, Deen transformed a simple garden sprinkler into a smile-inducing artistic device. I have the sudden urge to put on a white painter’s uniform and start prancing through this thing. The rainbow sprinkler will be on display at BARRY at the W in Amsterdam starting at the end of this week. All images courtesy the artist. And if you like this, also check out the Robo Rainbow. Via Colossal.


Alexis Kadonsky – Drips and Elipse Still Life

Alexis Kadonsky on Facebook


Oil on dry erase board

24″ x 16″

Alexis Kadonsky’s “Drips” on Society6



Ellipse Still Life

Color pencil

12.5″ x 19″

Alexis Kadonsky’s “Ellipse Still Life” on Society6




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Alban Grosdidier – Drowning Photography

Alban Grosdidier







Drowning is a project that talks about the feeling of submersion that you can have living in a big city. There are as many ways of dealing with it that there are people, and therefore there are as many portraits waiting to be done.

The first portrait was presented on the borders of the river Seine in January 2012 and the second part of the series was showcased for an afternoon along the canal Saint Martin in July 2012.

James Jean – Fine Arts

James Jean







Leslie Ann O’Dell – Abstract Portraits

Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell on deviantART