Alexis Kadonsky – Inking Turtle

Another inking in my sketchbook, also available on Society6!

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TQS Magazine – Alternative Disney Posters






POPUMON, Ondrej Pakan, and Murat Yilmaz – Insect Photography










Spilling Tea

Stefan Zsaitsits – Sketches





Stefan Zsaitsits was born in 1981 in Hainburg/Donau in Lower Austria where he currently lives and works as a painter and fine artist. He attended the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and after graduating in 2006 he quickly began garnering critical praise and attention for his beautifully haunting and enigmatic work. Via Juxtapoz.

Matthias Duwel – Drawings






Switching between oil painting, graphite, charcoal and digital media, German artist Matthias Duwel manipulates sweeping abstract lines to create illusions of depth. Whether working in color or in black and white, he makes marks that have a sense of motion, strategically blurring them to create the essence of a landscape. His color choices appear almost acidic, as if his compositions are snapshots of another world with a poisonous atmosphere filtered through a restless imagination. Take a look at some of his work, images courtesy of the artist. Via HiFructose.

Mia Liu – Watercolor Sculpture

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There are so many kinds, colors, and textures of paper that can be used in artistic creation. Taiwan-based artist Mia Liu finds inspiration from this medium and takes it one step further by transforming generally flat paper forms into three dimensional sculptures. The artist says she is “particularly mesmerized by the unique textures created by drawing on different papers; [She] loves to discover different papers from her everyday life to use as her creative medium, and the medium itself also leads to the inspiration for her installation works.”

This installation, entitled Can’t Stop Rolling It Up, was originally a drawing that was enlarged onto 144 full sheets of watercolor paper and then cut and curled into strips and attached to an aluminum board. The visually stimulating work is an abstract swirl of pastel colors that can be viewed differently depending on the viewer’s proximity to the piece. From close up, the thousands of curls of paper create a very tactile experience while, from a distance, viewers are able to fully enjoy the sensations of the piece as a more flat, abstract painting. According to Liu, “The outcome is not only a drawing, but is also a further step in indicating to the viewers the artist’s individual dream.” Via My Modern Met.

Chuck Close – Fingerprint Portrait

Chuck does it again! Entirely made of fingerprints.

Chuck Close






Joe Black – 5500 Toy Soldiers

Joe Black






Markus Reugels – Liquid Sculptures

These are some seriously cool water sculptures, I highly recommend you all go check out his website I’ve posted here and flip through his portfolio because there are so many more amazing pieces!

Markus Reugels









Alexis Kadonsky – Inking Animals

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Inking Deer on Society6

Inking Elephant on Society6

Inking Fox and Bird on Society6