Claire Brewster – Map Sculptures

Claire Brewster





Andre Wee – Forming and Fragmenting






A series of imagery that depict portraits that exist in an eternal state of transition. It is however, uncertain as to whether these figures are in the process of “forming” or “fragmenting” due to it existing in such an undefined state. This inability to define, ironically labels these entities as beings that embody the idea of a limbo. An experience of being of two different states at the same time and yet, not belonging to either. Via Andre Wee.

Alexis Kadonsky – Dragons

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Charcoal and Color Pencil

[Hands are raised above dragon]

10.5″ x 18.5″


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Tillman Kaiser – The Truth and the Abstract Blues








Exhibition in London; pieces made of tempera and silkscreen on canvas.

Huguette Despault May – Rope Drawings




More Florian Nicolle – Portraits




Carne Griffiths – Paintings in Ink and Tea








Carne Griffiths’ artwork is born from a love of drawing and the journey of creating an image on the page. Working primarily with calligraphy ink, graphite and liquids, such as tea brandy, vodka and whisky he draws and then manipulates the drawn line. After graduating from Maidstone college of art Carne served an apprenticeship and worked as a gold wire embroidery designer for 12 years, hence floral pattern, repetition and flow play a large part in his work.
Carne’s images explore both human and floral forms, figuratively and in an abstract sense. He is fascinated by the flow of line and the ‘invisible lines’ that connect us to the natural world. These may be considered lines of energy or spiritual connections between ourselves and our surroundings and his work is often an emotional response to images and situations encountered in daily life. These daily images are recorded in a dream like sense onto the page where physical boundaries are no longer important. Carne’s work takes us on a journey of escapism, often focusing on scenes of awe and wonderment, they offer a sense of abandonment to the artist and to the viewer an invitation to share and explore this inner realm.

Thes Portraits in this series show human character often through the use of poise and plant symbolism, all are painted in ink and tea, apart from the vine which is painted in a combination of alcohol and tea. Via Behance.

Roby Dwi Antono – Bunny Drawings






Florian Nicolle – Illustrations