Alexis Kadonsky – Barcelona Texture #1

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Alexis Kadonsky on Society6




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Alexandre Farto – Wall Portraits



Igor Siwanowicz – Microscopy Photography

Igor Siwanowicz





Shinichi Maruyama – Water Sculptures





Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa – Vinyl Art


Kohei Nawa – Bubble Animals




Matt Wisniewski – Edited Photography




Gabriel Moreno – Abstract Drawings




Nathan Manire – Ink Portraits



Diego Indraccolo – Editted Humans





Bjoern Ewers – Crash Photography





JKB Fletcher – Paint on Paint on Paint






Alexis Kadonsky – Reach

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26″ x 24″


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Julien Palast – SkinDeep Photography






A study on the body as object, ephemeral sculptures recalling bas reliefs of the classic imagery.

Oscar Ramos – Character Design



3D Street Art for The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid