Juxtapoz Magazine’s Top 20 Photoreal Artists



Paul Cadden


Jason de Graaf


Glennray Tutor


Hubert de Lartigue


Mary Ellen Johnson


Alexis Kadonsky – “Quiet”

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18″ x 24″



Mario D. Fischer – Glass into Pictures



Mario David Fischer´s works cover a wide range of mediums including a series of screenprints and drawings on acrylic glass layers which create a three-dimensional sculpture. The transparent sculptures abstract human faces and bodies, in a way where they confront each other or ‘face off’.

David was born in 1982 in Austria and now lives and works in Vienna. He holds an M.A from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Via Artist a Day.

Scott Gundersen – Cork Art


Alexis Kadonsky – Fingers #2 on Society6

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The xx – “Angels” Video

Aaron Reichert – Einstein

Anton Surkov – Chalk Photography







In this series, Ukrainian photographer Anton Surkov creates a collection of perfectly timed black and white photographs. In the images, Surkov captures each unique jump, as clouds of white powder explode in the air around the remarkably fit, strong young models.

The photographs exude a sense of energy, and the models demonstrate all kinds of emotion in their dramatic gestures and intense facial expressions. Surkov has mastered extreme lighting patterns that reveal the details of each powerful body as it is consumed by bursts of chalky dust. Via My Modern Met.

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan – Oil Painting, “Mirror”

Alexis Kadonsky – “Wrinkle” Prints on Society6

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